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Used Shoes  

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Sports shoes

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shoes packing department

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mixed shoes in container

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mixed summer shoes

Everyday thousands of pounds of used shoes are received.
We sort & pack them in transparent poly bags of 50 lbs (23 kgs) or 55 lbs (25kg) each. 

At Golden Impex Enterprises Inc., our expert team will make sure that all selected shoes are in perfect wearable condition to maintain our customer's satisfaction.
We export our shoes
in 20ft or 40ft HC containers to various countries in the world, ensuring that quality products are reached to the prople in need.

In the same department, we sort and pack separately Sports Shoes, Beach slippers (Flip-Flop), Ladies sandals, Men Sandals, Kids Shoes, Ladies or Men Boots, Cowboy Boots, Work Boots and Winter Slippers

  • In 20ft container, we load:
    320 bags of 50 lbs (23 kgs) each for a total weight of 16000 lbs (7258 Kgs)                  
    300 bags of 55 lbs (25 Kgs) each for a total weight of 16500 lbs (7485 Kgs)
  • in 40ft HC container, we load:
    740 bags of 50 lbs (23 kgs) each for a total weight of 37000 lbs (16784 Kgs)
    00 bags of 55 lbs (25 kgs) each for a total weight of 38500 lbs (17264 Kgs)


Used Clothing  

Used Clothes in Bales - Used Shoes
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Bales of sorted clothing in 100 lbs bales

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sorted clothing bailing department

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clothing prepared to be bailed

We sort our clothing by item with good care and we bale them in small bales of 100 lbs (45 kgs) each & 121 lbs (55 kgs) each or mixed light clothing in large bales of 400 lbs (182 kgs) each & 1000 lbs (454 Kg) each

in 20ft container:                                                                                             In 40ft HC container:
230 bales of 100lbs (45kg) 200 bales of 121lbs (55 kgs) 540 Bales of 100 lbs (45Kgs) 480 bales of 121 lbs (55 kgs)

We cordially invite our valuable customers to contact us for information about other produced items below

Other Items: 

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Soft Toys

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Hard Toys

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School bags

Beside the used shoes & clothing, we have the following items as well:

Baby & Adult Diapers

Hard & Soft Toys

Handbags & Purses, Belts and School & Sports Bags 

Container Shipments

Golden Impex Enterprises Inc. will always recommend to make containers of mixed items, combined together in 20ft or 40ft HC containers:
in 20ft container, we load 100 bales of clothing and 180 bags of shoes, handbags & Purses and belts for a total weight of 19000 lbs (8620 kgs)
in 40ft HC container, we load 200 bales of clothing and 400 bags of shoes, handbags & purses and  belts for a total weight of 40000 lbs (18145 kgs)
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